Serving the Community of Valley Center

Pala, Valley Center, Pauma

Vista Hill SmartCare is proudly partnered with Neighborhood Healthcare of Valley Center and its neighboring communities, to help individuals manage their physical, emotional and behavioral concerns. SmartCare is conveniently located within the Valley Center clinic, and also maintains an office right next to the Pauma Valley Community Center. Consultants and educators work in direct collaboration with your healthcare providers to ensure comprehensive quality of care.

SmartCare is also pleased to bring wellness groups to your community. SmartCare participates in local fairs, school events, and hosts annual children’s Yoga and Art Summer Camp. The wellness groups provide an array of health and wellness topics hosted on site, at local schools, and the community center, to promote a well-balanced lifestyle. Our calendar of wellness groups are updated monthly.

Services are available in both English and Spanish. Telemedicine capabilities are available/utilized.

SmartCare Integrated Behavioral Health is funded by the Mental Health Services Act.

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Neighborhood Health Care
28477 Lizard Rocks Rd,
Valley Center, CA 92082
Phone: (760) 742-9919

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